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Owen Gonzales; {In Memorial}

Frederick Galloway, Michelle and Owen Gonzales

Frederick Galloway, Ed.D. N.C.O.F.® Advisory Board Chair with Michelle and Owen Gonzales, N.C.O.F.® Director of Development at the annual N.C.O.F.® Trustees meeting in 2015.

Mr. Gonzales passed away on May 18, 2020 after a lengthy battle with ALS. He had served as Director of Development for N.C.O.F.® since 2008. Mr. Gonzales was the creative force in the development of the Foundation's highly successful N.C.O.F.® PlayDates™ in San Jose and Los Angeles, CA between 2010 and 2018. These N.C.O.F.® PlayDates™ were focused on the development of healthy eating and moderate physical activity for grades K-8. Mr. Gonzales' pioneering efforts in marketing, sponsorship development and conducting of these unique children’s health events for nearly a decade resulted in the N.C.O.F.® PlayDates™ being copied by multiple health related organizations since its inception. Earlier, Mr. Gonzales was CEO of the Ones We Love, LLC based in Newport Beach, CA. He had over twenty years experience in marketing and promotions with a strong emphasis in client relationship management and sponsorships. Even earlier, he was a CPA with Ernst & Young LLP for twelve years. While at Ernst & Young he negotiated deals and developed strategic alliances with numerous Fortune 1,000 companies for corporate promotions, sponsorships and employee team-building events. Mr. Gonzales received a B.S. degree in Financial Accounting from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), in Bel Air, CA.


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