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Current Survey Results and Ten Key Findings

Demographic information for classification purposes only

Are you a: (Select one)

(*2-5 will be referred to as a person or persons in "charge" of a child's daily welfare throughout this survey when a parent or parents are not available to do so)
How many children do you have under the age of 18 years? (Select one)
Please indicate your age range: (Select one)
Please indicate your gender. (Select one)
Which best describes your household employment status? (Select one)
What is your race? (Only U.S. and Canadian respondents select one)
What region of the globe do you reside? (Select one)
Which one of the following ranges best describes your annual and/or household income (in Euro dollars)?

Attitudinal: Developing healthy nutritional and exercise (or physical activity) habits is essential for my good health.

Do you see yourself as:
Do you eat healthy nutritious foods more than three times a week (fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, broiled chicken and turkey, etc)?
Do you eat highly processed food more than twice a week? (i.e. cereals, chips, crackers, white bread, pasta, fried food, sodas, red meat, canned foods, etc.)
How many times a week do you engage in exercise (or physical activity)?
Which exercise (or physical activity) below best describes your exercise routine?

Attitudinal: Obese and/or overweight children will most likely develop health related issues (i.e., diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, certain cancers, sleep apnea, etc.) as teens and young adults.

What is your immediate reaction when you see an obese or very overweight child?
What key factor is greatest in forming a child's attitude toward making healthy choices:

Attitudinal: Childhood obesity is now reaching epidemic proportions in the U.S.

What is your understanding of childhood obesity?
What interests you most regarding the issue of childhood obesity?
What are you currently doing to educate yourself and/or child (or charge) regarding healthy nutrition and/or exercise (daily physical activity)?

Attitudinal: Proper nutrition is essential to a child's health and fitness.

Which factor or factors presents the greatest challenge for you?
I am unable to get my child(ren) (or charge(s)) to eat healthier because:

(*Happy meaning child's developed perception and physical cravings of tasty {highly processed oils, sugars, and salted and caffeinated foods} meals from prior home and/or dining-out eating experiences)

Attitudinal: Proper daily exercise (or physical activity) is essential to a child's health and fitness.

Where do you think your child or charge receives MOST of his or her exercise (physical activity) on a weekly basis? (Select one)
What TWO types of physical activities do you most often participate in with your child or charge?

Attitudinal: I can shape my child's or charge's overall attitude toward proper daily nutrition and physical activity.

Who should make the daily nutritional and physical activity choices for my child or charge?
Who is ultimately responsible for shaping a child's health and fitness attitude:


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