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The N.C.O.F.® mission and vision is to reach as many parents, children, and gatekeepers with its healthcare nutrition and physical activity oriented message as possible. N.C.O.F.® firmly believes its mission and vision objectives would be best served and accomplished in-part through a quarterly or monthly P.O.W.E.R® Healthcare Newsletter.

If you as a concerned and/or interested parent and/or gatekeeper (teacher, nurse, doctor, healthcare provider, etc.) would like to become a member/subscriber of the N.C.O.F.® P.O.W.E.R.® Healthcare Newsletter by mail and/or email, (when it becomes available upon reaching future funding objectives as cited in the Foundation Overview), please complete the required information below. The N.C.O.F.® P.O.W.E.R.® Healthcare Newsletter will be free of charge to all member/subscribers. A limited number(*) of "Henry the Healthy Shark"® kitchen magnets will be made available for those early member/subscribers (**) who fully complete the entire member/subscriber listing information below.

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We are interested in your ideas and input.

* A limited quantity of "Henry the Healthy Shark"® magnets will be available and forwarded to those early member/subscribers upon reaching N.C.O.F.® future funding objectives as cited in the Foundation Overview.

** Limited to one per member/subscriber and/or household.


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